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Malcolm C. McDonald has had a chequered career from the balmy tropical north in his youth playing ‘A’ grade hockey and later participating in motorbike Scramble racing. A stint as an AC Armament Fitter in 10 Operational Squadron at Garbutt RAAF base Townsville to a career in the Queensland Ambulance Service retiring as Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Region.

A life Member of Paramedics Australasia recognised for voluntary service and a Past National President.  A  Scottish Armiger, he is Toiseach of Finlaggan Council Clan Donald International.  For some years Malcolm has studied the history of Scotland and researched the family line back to the 1600s.

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The aircraft crossed the dividing range

before us stretched the inland plain.

Sparse trees dotted the red ochre scene

sparkle of water from the snaking stream

blurs of grey of vanishing kangaroo

bobbing brown blobs of panicking emu.

Distant dust cloud trails a mob of cattle

hide ghostly horsemen the heat they battle.

This fabled Inland of ironstone and gidgee

a vast living canvas of colour and imagery.


When I travelled for the first time to take up a position of

Ambulance Officer at Julia Creek Centre in 1962.

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