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Malcolm C. McDonald has had a chequered career from the balmy tropical north in his youth playing ‘A’ grade hockey and later participating in motorbike Scramble racing. A stint as an AC Armament Fitter in 10 Operational Squadron at Garbutt RAAF base Townsville to a career in the Queensland Ambulance Service retiring as Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Region.

A life Member of Paramedics Australasia recognised for voluntary service and a Past National President.  A  Scottish Armiger, he is Toiseach of Finlaggan Council Clan Donald International.  For some years Malcolm has studied the history of Scotland and researched the family line back to the 1600s.

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Highlanders,Warriors,Musicians And Bards
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Is a narrative of the vibrant history and culture of early Scotland providing an interesting and informative account of the warrior clans of the Western Highlands

from the 12th century and is supported with historical references, photos, and quotes as told from a Scottish Armiger with a family history traced to mid 1600.

A Shot In The Arm
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‘A SHOT IN THE ARM’ is the euphemism to recognize the invasive technique of inserting a large bore needle into a vein in the Arm. This treatise recalls some history of the 100 Years of the Q.A.T.B with anecdotes of the life of an Ambulance Officer in the earliest days of "A dashing white horse and Ambulance sulky" through their changing roles over the years to Aerial retrievals, the introduction of intravenous infusion and the digital age. It outlines the development of the Ipswich Emergency Care System. The narrative continues with details of the establishment of the Queensland Ambulance Service from the Committee system in 1991. It includes a brief on qualifications and medical techniques over the next 25 years to 2016 with accounts of Emergency Cases. A 'must read' on this Queensland Emergency Service.

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