What Went Before

By Russell Perry

(Frequent and Scintillating)

It is said that when you are about to die, major milestones and events from your life, flash before your mind’s eye. Having not yet reached that inevitable end, I can’t give testament to the validity of this phenomenon, however, I can attest to such an occurrence on a much grander scale.

I had always had a curiosity about the spiritual accoutrements that religions attribute to their belief systems, in particular, one which most adhere to. Life after death.

My curiosity eventually led me to a past life regression psychologist. I was interested to explore the process involved, and whether it would produce any tangible results for me. In truth, I wanted to believe that there was life beyond the death of the mortal body.

Doctor Mahajan Kuval indicated a couch in his office as he explained the procedure.

“If you could make yourself comfortable on the couch Mr. Gates, we can talk about what it is that you would like to achieve. The interest you have in past lives?”

I told Doctor Kuval of my curiosities and hopes for the session, and he suggested two avenues of discovery. One, to pick a time period and explore who I may have been then, or we could pass through the centuries, glimpsing the highlights from my “Astral Memory”, as he described it.

I chose the latter, a glimpse back through my lives under hypnosis, with the Doctor gently guiding me through the centuries, “1952, 1852, 1752” and so on.

It worked. I could see myself as a politician, a sailor, a convict, a baker, a lord and on it went, a scintillating kaleidoscope of years and events passing before my mind’s eye, much like a movie reel of past attractions.

The excitement I experienced was such that I now have regular sessions with Dr. Kuval, exploring each of my past lives in detail. I now have no uncertainty about what may lay ahead, my only regret is that we don’t carry the knowledge of our past lives into the next. However, it lays just beneath the surface.


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