The Writer

by Russell Perry

When a story ends, a new one must begin;

for writing is as drawing breath.

A blank page brings promise of adventure,

eagerly awaiting my words, my imagination,

and so it begins.

The adventure has been imagined, the story plotted,

but characters not yet consulted.

As I unleash them, they establish their own agenda;

they divulge their secrets, their nature;

they acquire life.

They take my story in directions not yet contemplated.

Excitement builds, as their presence pervades;

As the journey meanders, the mystery deepens.

Where will they take us?

The story will carry you on the journey;

but it is told one word at a time,

with each word carefully chosen;

for the words are your eyes, your emotions.

Through words you will see places you have never been,

meet characters as yet unknown.

With them you will feel sadness and fear,

happiness and excitement,

and once inside the story, words trap you there.

You are among the characters, companions on your journey.

But where do they come from? the words the characters.

They have always been there,

hidden in memory and imagination.

The writer seeks them out, unearths them.

The writer is as well a reader, yet as a conductor is to the orchestra.


Meetings are are now back to being held on the first Tuesday of each month (Except January)

We now meet on the first floor directly above the library, in The Caboolture Hub.

Our Anthology is now on sale.


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