Two dozen random words……………………

Line A   Cajole, whisper, command, skinny, clammy, prickly,flute, ghost…..

Line B   Bribe, entrap, hypnotize, squeal, elegant, diamond, gondola, enigma……

Line C   Offend, assist, ensnare, lavish, tall, planet, penchant, eradicate…….

A  Our skinny, foppish officer-in-command, having purchased his commission in lieu of any latent ability, was a prickly sod, with a clammy handshake like a long-dead fish. Unlike our bellicose Sgt-Major; Colonel Percival Aloysius Cuthbert Worthington-Smythe experienced major difficulties trying to cajole his troops into action; without a ghost of a chance, when his battle orders were barely audible; his voice rarely rising above an asthmatic whisper. In my minds eye, I can picture him now as he pontificates in the Royal Dragoons` Officers Mess; raising a slender flute of sweet sherry in a toast to his simpering subordinates.

B   In order to successfully heist the elegant actress`s highly-valued Gondola-shaped diamond, Flash Harry needed to hypnotize his victims, then bribe and therefore complicitly entrap the incompetent security personnel so they wouldn`t squeal. Harry was an enigma to his peers; sometimes appearing as a simpleton; and other times exceedingly clever. Harry can be visited at HM Prison Dartmoor on every second month. Bring a cake!

C   On the planet Floog there`s a celestial race of tall, elegant, purple Floogles. Their lavish lifestyle can easily offend poorer earthling visitors, with a penchant to initially assist to integrate, then surreptitiously ensnare and eventually eradicate. Due to current Covid restrictions all flights on Muskair and Space-X are locked into an indefinite holding pattern.

W Brown April 2021   264 words of gibberish!


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