Introducing Me

a little wordplay by emma


Hello. I’m me.

I call myself em –

to let you

see me,

see who

is em – me –

from not only one

point of view.


It is not for me

to tell you

who I am,

who is em or me,

but simply speak

and be

and let you


me, or em.


Whoever you

may see; that

will be me

to you.


That’s all we really need, it’s true,

to begin an interaction,

an exchange of being

between two;

a simple seeing –

I of you

and you of me.


So let us see

what you make of em – of me,

and what I make of you


What better could we do?


All Meetings are Cancelled Until Covid-19 Restrictions are Lifted. Watch This Space


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