Introducing Me

a little wordplay by emma


Hello. I’m me.

I call myself em –

to let you

see me,

see who

is em – me –

from not only one

point of view.


It is not for me

to tell you

who I am,

who is em or me,

but simply speak

and be

and let you


me, or em.


Whoever you

may see; that

will be me

to you.


That’s all we really need, it’s true,

to begin an interaction,

an exchange of being

between two;

a simple seeing –

I of you

and you of me.


So let us see

what you make of em – of me,

and what I make of you


What better could we do?


Meetings are are now back to being held on the first Tuesday of each month (Except January)

We now meet on the first floor directly above the library, in The Caboolture Hub.

Our Anthology is now on sale.

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