At the Bureau of Meteorology when Dusty Storm got to work this particular morning, he found his colleague Evy Rainer at his computer. When Evy saw Dusty enter the forecast room, he greeted him,

“Morning Dusty, Owyar goin’?”

“Yer, not bad mate, yourself?” replied Dusty.

“Yer, good.” Replied Dusty, dropping his briefcase onto his desk. “What’s the forecast for today?”

“Cloudy. Slight, 30% chance of showers. Why?”

“What was it yesterday, Ev?”.

“Cloudy. High, 80% chance of rain. Why?”.

“Well, it didn’t rain yesterday, did it?”

“I dunno, I didn’t look out the window. How do you know?” asked Ev.

“Well, when I got home, my missus said she got the clothes dry.”

“You’re kiddin’? Hey, you’re wet.”

“Yer, I know, it’s raining.”

“Fair dinkum? I better change the forecast, eh?”

“Yer, before the boss gets in. Watcha lookin’ at on the screen?”

“Floods in North Queensland.”

“Struth, there’s water everywhere. Musta rained up there.”

“Yer, they reckon there was a low-pressure system developed off the coast.”

“Fair dinkum? Did we forecast that?”

“Na, musta been by the night shift,” replied Evy.

“I was talking to my daughter out west last night, and she said the ants are building their nests above ground at the moment. She reckons they are in for some rain out there. What is our long-range forecast? Maybe we should look into that. Her ants are always correct, she says.”

“Hhuumm, not sure what we predicted for the long range. I’ll have a look. Wanna coffee?”

“Yer, thanks. No, hang on, you change the forecast. I’ll make it.”

And so, at 10:00 am, the forecast was changed to ‘90% Chance of Patchy rain,’ and the long-range forecast was updated as well.


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