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A collection of Short Stories and Poetry contributions from the Caboolture Writers’ Link Members.

Short Stories

The April Fool

A Pinch and a punch for the first of the month and all that, so enticing particularly to schoolkids, but it was irresistible to bullying bastards that delighted in it also being his birthday. The first of April had always been tinged with sour memories.He...

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Out of the Bottle

OUT OF THE BOTTLE MAY 2019 BY JUDI NICHOLSONSitting in a therapy room amongst strangers, Evelyn wondered what on earth had led her to here of all places. As the wine poured it was as though the real Evelyn had squeezed her way through the neck just as...

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The Bell Tolls

Father McKenzie sat at his office desk in the Rectory, putting the finishing touches to his Sermon for Sunday. Of all the rooms in the Rectory, the only one that his house keeper, Mrs. Armitage, did not touch, was his office. It was rather untidy but it...

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A Character From My Novel

A character from my novel - by Peter Carseldine I collect faces, interesting faces, real faces that are alive. One face among my collection I based my heroine on, Pamela Rodriguez. I would recognise that face anywhere. It was raining when I arrived at the...

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The Hospital Visit

The little girl stood and looked out of the window from the second floor of the large hospital in which her mother was a patient, her mother had been in the hospital for nearly two years.  This day she wore a tartan skirt, red hand-knit jumper and a red...

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Out Of Darkness

Captain Peter Graves clung desperately to consciousness as his crippled F/A-18E fighter plunged from the skies above Iraq. He had been hit by a ground to air missile, as he returned from a bombing run on an ISLE-held village in the north of the country. He...

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Autumn Leaves

DANCING AUTUMN LEAVES Dear Peter, This must be my last letter. Not because of impending disease or death. That would be so much easier to tell you. It would bring our friendship to a natural, inevitable end sweetened with the promise of a common faith....

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http://hn James Donovan was born in Pittsworth on October 13 1883 and died on 17th of August 1960  In 1916, John James Donovan, also known as Jack Donovan, felt he should leave the stability of his life and fight for his country. Jack was a grazier and a...

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Bottle ‘O Rum

Bottle ‘o Rum   “Fairfield” was every boy’s dream. “Fairfield” was my grandparents’ dairy farm at Bald Hills, Queensland, Australia. Although only 20 km by railway from Brisbane, in the late 1940s early 1950s, Bald Hills was an isolated settlement...

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Free Verse Poetry

Bell Birds

Bell Birds.   Tink, tink, tink Forest dense, Canopy of green. Leaf littered floor Tink, tink, tink. Stifling heat, Oppressive humidity, Blue haze rising. Tink, tink, tink. Elusive creature, Never seen, A fleeting glimpse? Tink, tink, tink. Storm...

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Life’s Twilight

Life’s Twilight – by Russell Perry How quickly it comes … life’s twilight. Youth has waned, it seems in just a blink. Whilst youth is yours you think not of twilight. Life is endless. “Old” is far away. Not your concern. Now questions stalk...

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SUMMER Summer will soon be here Summer can be  harsh,rough,burning and sticky With steamy days and nights Summer storms lash the coast with the sharp crack of lightning Bush fires destroy homes and blacken the earth But summer can bring  contentment The...

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Introducing Me

Introducing Me a little wordplay by emma   Hello. I’m me. I call myself em - to let you see me, see who is em – me - from not only one point of view.   It is not for me to tell you who I am, who is em or me, but simply speak and be and let you...

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A Tourist Snapshot

A Tourist Snapshot   Twin peaks. But one lay flat in Reflection Lake - a gleaming image of Rainier, inverted at our feet; a snow cone wrapped in a deep blue skirt, with fir trees crowding black around; a scene to breathe in, to draw up from the water;...

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Traditional Poetry

I Couldn’t Believe What I Saw

I Couldn't Believe What I Saw - by Rachel Brown. I couldnt believe what I saw  Outside my window was flowers galore  Looking around a little more I nearly tripped from the crack in the floor I couldnt believe what I saw A dinosaur was hiding behind my door...

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The Committee

The Committee   It was on this day in October quite some years ago, The Committee called a meeting for an answer they had to know Why the membership was dwindling for their local croquet club And the members preferring to cross the road and frequent...

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