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A collection of Short Stories and Poetry contributions from the Caboolture Writers’ Link Members.

Short Stories

Bottle ‘O Rum

Bottle ‘o Rum   “Fairfield” was every boy’s dream. “Fairfield” was my grandparents’ dairy farm at Bald Hills, Queensland, Australia. Although only 20 km by railway from Brisbane, in the late 1940s early 1950s, Bald Hills was an isolated...

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The Toy Soldier

The Toy Soldier By Russell Perry It’s difficult to say exactly when I started to remember my other family. However, I do recall that I was four years old when I told my mother about them for the first time. As adults, we remember snippets of our life as...

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A Morning Talk

A Morning Talk Poor George. He loved sitting out here like this, soaking up the warmth. It was always great – old George and me, side by side. A couple of old fogies together, just sitting here. And enjoying. At times, he’d turn and look at me - as if to...

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Free Verse Poetry


SUMMER Summer will soon be here Summer can be  harsh,rough,burning and sticky With steamy days and nights Summer storms lash the coast with the sharp crack of lightning Bush fires destroy homes and blacken the earth But summer can bring  contentment The...

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Introducing Me

Introducing Me a little wordplay by emma   Hello. I’m me. I call myself em - to let you see me, see who is em – me - from not only one point of view.   It is not for me to tell you who I am, who is em or me, but simply speak and be and let you see me, or...

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A Tourist Snapshot

A Tourist Snapshot   Twin peaks. But one lay flat in Reflection Lake - a gleaming image of Rainier, inverted at our feet; a snow cone wrapped in a deep blue skirt, with fir trees crowding black around; a scene to breathe in, to draw up from the water; to...

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Traditional Poetry

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